About Protagonist Lab

Protagonist Lab Founders, Paul Mosca and Erika Williamson, are committed to developing communication technologies that that celebrate connection. We believe that the promise of technology will be fulfilled when we can use tech tools to make our human lives truly fuller and richer.

We’re called Protagonist Lab because we accept that creation is a process. Our story starts with discovering who has a need and how to assist them with their need.

The protagonist looks for every possible way to solve the problem. For us, that means engaging in research and design and creating a service that fulfills a community or individual's need to be the hero in their own story.

Next: launch, test and iterate based on evidence. Allow the customer to direct, inform and improve the tool. Nurture and sustain the service.

Protagonist Lab’s first product is called Motee -- a platform for college students who face daunting challenges that impact campus retention, major transition and career preparedness. Motee lets college friends and peers communicate the qualities of a person’s best self. We want every student to complete their education and discover their best self.

Learn more at: Motee.