We were thrilled to stop by the NC State student news podcast, “HOWL,” recently and get interviewed for their September 20 episode.

You can listen in here, and please subscribe to their station while you’re at it: https://soundcloud.com/howl-704164214/episode-5-protagonist-lab

In this episode, Emma Finley, a current NC State student studying Communications, and host/producer of HOWL, asks us about our upcoming app release, how we got started, and how it’s all going so far.

We also talk about our just-completed Customer Sprint and some of the inspiring perspectives and experiences that college students shared with us during our research phase. You’ll also hear about some of our other app ideas and why we settled on the one we’re working on now.

To listen to all of HOWL’s super-fun episodes, please check out www.howlpodcast.com. Thank you to Emma and the incredibly warm hospitality of the NC State campus, especially the very nice maintenance fellow at Hunt Library who helped us find the recording studio. We were lost. ♥

NC State HOWL Podcast episode 5



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