Karen Tax is a life, career, and workplace coach who has developed a comprehensive life transformation program called the I Am Way. With her unique coaching, Karen’s clients work through those “stuck” places in life to engage and feel empowered in work and at home.

We sat down with Karen for a few minutes the other day at the Frontier, and asked her about some of the core concepts that she works with every day — concepts which overlap with themes we’ve uncovered in our work at Protagonist Lab.

In our interviews with college students, they talked about how difficult it is to talk to other students about struggling academically. They reported that it’s hard to talk about feeling behind or panicked or that you don’t have your act 100% together.

Karen has worked A LOT with people who are in this space — this space of risk and vulnerability. And she encourages people to own it. Work through it. Talk about it.

So we talked about it! Listen in here:



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