KISS your customer. Do that by connecting earnestly with them. Oh, of course you are not stupid. I’ve been so intelligent, I was stupid. Let me explain.

Customer KISSIt happened maybe 6 years ago. I used the word mucilage. Mucilage.Look it up. Mucilage is “a polysaccharide substance extracted as a viscous or gelatinous solution form plant roots, seeds, etc.,.” I’m quoting the Google machine. 

My first venture was a chocolate company that made a chocolate covered cocoa bean. My basic demo preamble included a monologue about the cocoa pod, cocoa beans and the word mucilage. 

I nerded out on my chocolate knowledge. And bombed my message. My pal Ty who is an amazing storyteller, coffee, vanilla, and distilled spirit bon vivant set me straight. He advised, “Don’t use mucilage. Change your language. Try chocolate covered chocolate. Save the deep details; tell the story. That’s what people buy.”

I owe Ty a broker fee for that tip. Lesson: do not become seduced by the nerdy details of your product or service. Your customer will not understand you.

Erika and I have been busting our hustle bones. During a live Instagram chat with Study Addict. (The account has over 55k followers and offers study tips for elementary schoolers to PhDs.) Simplicity roared back into focus. One of the participants, pined “I wish someone would make a study group app to help people find study partners.”

We will, Findingnemo98. Motee is on the way.


Paul Mosca founder of Protagonist Lab. MA Social Science, Essex University. Business ideation and execution consultant. Avid reader. Loves playing the drums. Information Technology is only as interesting as the people it serves.