• Days Since Inception: 91
  • LLC Bank Accounts Set Up with Two Equal Shares of Seed Money: 1
  • Customer Research Interviews Conducted: 11
  • Surveys Designed: 2
  • Surveys Discarded: 1
  • Twitter Followed: 170
  • Twitter Followers: 47
  • Customer Interviewee Who Brought Her Puppy: 1
  • Hours Logged in Brainstorming Sessions: 150
  • Podcasts: 1
  • People who have said, “Oh, I get it. Your app is like Tinder for study groups.”: 7
  • Videos Made: 3
  • Videos That Will Ever See the Light of Day: 0
  • Delicious Salads from The Farmery at The Frontier: 8
  • Awesome Mascots: 1

I’m establishing this post as a mile marker.

Some day in the future, we’ll look back and say,
“Wow, we’ve come so far from such humble beginnings!”


Or we’ll say,”No wonder we can’t get any traction. We only interviewed one puppy.”



Erika Williamson, founder of Protagonist Lab. Database developer and IT consultant. Future philanthropist.