How do I know I can create a startup company?

I woke up and checked my social media. A friend posted this meme. “Whatever you are meant to do. Do it now. The conditions are always impossible.”


Doris Lessing

Social media posts slipped bright faces of children marching off to the first day of school.  It’s probably the same for you. Look close into those faces. Do you see it in their eyes. It’s called possible. A beginning so far removed from the internal voices saying  “I can’t” “impossible”  “not good enough”. Sure that will change as the day creeps along. Look it’s inside all of those pictures it’s called – Possible.

I never imaged my best moments. I never imaged my worst moments. The first day of school exists somewhere between those two  opposites with everything in between. The first day of school captures the space where your personal best waits for opportunity.

I received a phone call at 5 in the morning. The man who called never expected anyone to answer. He explained that he was not paying rent anymore on the medical building he sub-let. And that he was not going to cover his payroll. Payroll was due that day. “You have patients that need care. I’m not doing it,” he said still surprised, I answered the phone. And he hung up. By 7:30am, I was on site leading a meeting with management and staff. I told staff that their employer will not make payroll.

I expected a walk out. Amazingly the staff rallied. Not one person walked. Every patient received care. That allowed us to find a new competent tenant.

I have never heard from the person who sublet that building since.

That day and many others schooled me. Doris Lessing was right, the conditions are always impossible. It is always impossible to create a startup company. When you take the call and put the small steps together it becomes possible. That’s why I am a protagonist. Why are you a protagonist?


Paul Mosca founder of Protagonist Lab. MA Social Science, Essex University. Business ideation and execution consultant. Avid reader. Loves playing the drums. Information Technology is only as interesting as the people it serves.