Like bears coming out of hibernation, two Founders are coming out of beta development phase and back into customer conversations. It’s exciting now to be coming out of the relative isolation of programming and back into the Springtime of launch, iterate, revise.

Mama bear and cub

Our conversations with college, university students and staff led us to develop Motee. It is a platform for students that lets friends and peers communicate the qualities of a person’s best self. Motee seeks to help students face daunting campus challenges. The net sum will help with college retention, career preparedness and finding your best self.

Motee is a minimum viable product. It’s the smallest service we could produce that would give us a testable basis to validate. Seeing it come alive is amazing. But we know the work is only beginning. Now is the time to collect new user data, feedback and reviews. Answers to questions like, in what ways does Motee solve a problem? How well does it understand the need? Does it move us toward the goal of reducing student stress and making your college experience one of connectedness and empowerment, rather than isolation and panic?

We need to stay open and curious. “This feels right” isn’t the business model that will create sustainable and repeatable results. That’s why we work to keep listening to our audience. Let them iterate with us as a collaborative group.

Each day we become better at expressing our “why”. And that gives us more ideas to try. More ways to serve our audience. A step closer to having a positive impact on the lives of our customers.


Paul Mosca founder of Protagonist Lab. MA Social Science, Essex University. Business ideation and execution consultant. Avid reader. Loves playing the drums. Information Technology is only as interesting as the people it serves.